Hospitality and Tourism: Check out how Technology revolutionizes Tourism and Travel

Tuesday, 05 July 2022

Technology is changing the way in which people travel. New advancements guarantee to generate a more exciting and interactive experience.

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Nowadays, people manage a huge amount of information, and they have become more demanding clients at the moment of evaluating the user’s experience. Thus, in the tourism industry, a digital transformation that considers the necessities of each traveller is needed. By getting a Master’s Degree in Hospitality and Tourism, you will be able to learn a lot more about technology and digital advancements within the travel industry. 

Technology is a key point that is modifying the ways of traveling, offering more comfort, security, and fewer meeting points. After two years of restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, tourism resurged all around the world. However, either business travellers or pleasure travellers wish to feel safe and understood within the airlines. 

7 Tech Trends in the Tourism and Travel Industry in 2022 

1. Mobile Technology

Smartphones are an essential part of people’s lives. They are communication devices that function as planners, maps, and travel guides, among lots of other functions. In many companies, mobile technology is fundamental to their business plans. Because of that, these entities have created different elements for the users:

📱Mobile apps: Some companies have created travel apps in which people can register and book flights, verify the current status of a specific flight, and also access their boarding cards.

📱Chats within the app: Some airlines have their own app in which they include a chat that allows people to communicate with staff members to get quick and personalized assistance. 

📱Virtual Lines: This feature allows travellers to make a virtual line without losing time at the airport. By doing this through an app, the process is more effective and quicker, taking worries out on travellers. 

📱QR Codes: Thanks to the pandemic, bars, and restaurants started to put into action the idea of putting QR Codes to watch their menus. This eliminated the point of contact that existed in physical menus. Now, you only need your mobile phone to scan the QR Code so that you can watch the virtual menu. 

2. Zero-Contact Payments

With travel technology, zero-contact payments have become an important trend. Zero-contact payments help travel agencies to process payments faster, especially when clients do not have cash or they have issues with their physical cards. Moreover, by saving time, zero-contact payments improve the traveller's experience. This trend emerged because of the pandemic since people started to avoid physical contact in public places.

3. Internet of Things (IoT)

It is a system that includes everyday use devices that are interconnected by the Internet. By being interconnected, they can send and receive data through a net without any type of human interaction. In the Tourism area, IoT eliminates the frequent points of contact and improves the clients’ experience. 

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4. Cybersecurity Measures

In the travel industry, cybersecurity is a fundamental issue, especially for travel management. Travel agencies are more exposed to cybercrime threats because, by hiring lots of people, they have in their hands huge amounts of private data from travellers. That way, they become vulnerable to the violation of private data. Thus, it is necessary to apply cybersecurity measures necessary to protect clients’ security and protect the business.

5. Artificial Intelligence Chatbots (AI)

Chatbots simulate a conversation with a person through phone and text interactions. They help eliminate people’s clustering in customer service centres and give travellers answers in real-time at any time of the day. Usually, they answer simple questions with standard answers, and still, artificial intelligence advancements allow them to incessantly improve as more interactions are created.

6. Virtual Travel Experiences

This technological trend allows potential travellers to explore places before they travel. Virtual tours with 360° views help visualize different places so that travellers can see hotels or visualize their future destinations. This might be useful at the moment of choosing a hotel so that they do not get disappointed. 

Technological trends in the Tourism and Travel Industry have become one of the most important allies in the area because they have been able to provide the best care and achieve and raise travellers all around the world. Is technology fundamental to improving Tourism Industry? Do you know any other change that technology has made to improve travellers’ experience?

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