How much does it cost to study a Master's Degree in South Africa?

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

It is of paramount importance to keep on studying to improve one's knowledge and skills once in the workforce because the competition never stops. If you are interested in learning how much a Master's degree costs in South Africa, you've come to the right place. 

First of all, why study in South Africa?

From its breathtaking landscapes, the diversity of its flora and fauna, to the quality of its education, South Africa is a destination chosen by many students who want to increase their knowledge and skills.

Whether you are an international student or you reside in South Africa, there are many reasons why you should study in South Africa:
  • Academic excellence: Since the 1990’s, South Africa has come a long way as regards improving its education. Once apartheid segregation came to an end, South Africa fought to improve the quality of its education. Today, there are many South African Universities ranked among top universities in the World, including the University of Cape Town, University of the Witwatersrand, Stellenbosch University, among others. 
  • Multiculturalism: cities as well as universities are crowded with people and students from all over the world. This will allow you to learn in a varied environment, with people with different backgrounds.
  • Diversity: if you are interested in studying in a diverse country, you should choose South Africa. Not only is it multicultural, but it also offers a wide range of touristic attractions for you to experience while studying. This will enrich your learning experience and will allow you to experience life from different perspectives.
  • Lower costs: one of the most important advantages of studying in South Africa, together with all the above mentioned factors, is that costs of living and studying at South African universities is usually cheaper than in other countries. You will be getting a high quality education for a lower cost. 

Here is a list that includes some of the best universities in South Africa:

Now, how much does it cost to study a Master’s Degree in South Africa?

The amount you need to study a Master’s degree in South Africa varies depending on the university and the subject of study. You may also find fees are charged per course module, varying slightly depending on the specific classes you take. Usually, a master’s degree tuition fee in South Africa ranges from R25,000 to R70,000 (US$1,800-5,000) per year. Compared to other countries, such as the UK or the US, it is much cheaper to study in South Africa. 

If you’re a student from a Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) member country, you’ll be eligible to pay the same tuition fees as South African students, rather than the international fee level.  

You also need to take other costs into consideration. On average, a student in South Africa needs around R102,000 (~US$7,300) a year to cover accommodation, food, travel and other expenses, a relatively low amount compared to other countries. 

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