5 Reasons to Study a Master of Science in Chemistry

Thursday, 24 February 2022

Are you thinking of starting a master’s degree any time soon? Good decision! Here, we will give you some reasons why you should choose a master of science in chemistry. 

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If we had to think about any interesting options for a master’s degree, there is no doubt that one of them would be of course Chemistry. But why? Well, the answer is pretty simple, at least for us: for decades, careers related to science and major research were always considered very good options when thinking about university studies. Nowadays, this continues the same way. 

Science helps society understand how the world works and how we can help preserve it. This is why it is considered such an important career at universities. Just think of it: thanks to scientific discoveries, humanity has been able to evolve and learn a lot more about our planet. This way, we are getting more and more developed over the years. 

Chemistry plays an important role here. Had it not been because of this branch of science, it wouldn’t be possible to learn about the chemical elements that conform the world, combination of substances, atoms, molecules and many other things. 

If you are already a bachelor’s degree holder in chemistry or any other related degree, this master’s can help you improve your professional profile even more. How? Well, by gathering new knowledge, learning new skills and developing certain abilities you already had.

Not convinced? Relax. Now, we will give you 5 reasons why you should study a master’s degree in chemistry. 

5 reasons to study a master of science in chemistry

Before starting a master’s degree, you have to be certain that you really want to study a graduate career. Among the many aspects you should consider, one is the time: master’s degrees usually have a duration of approximately 2 years. But don’t worry! You can also find some shorter programs, which usually are shorter. How many? Well, 1 year perhaps, but not much less. 

Now, the reasons:

1. Having a master’s degree can be important for your professional profile. Just think of it, with this title you will be able to find many more job opportunities than other kinds of professionals. 

2. Job opportunities will increase. Although this is certainly related to the last point, this is another important reason why you should study for a master's degree. There is no single professional on earth that doesn't consider this. 

3. Chemistry is one of the most interesting branches of science. If one thing is true about chemistry, it’s that it isn’t a boring subject. In fact, many people love it. With this career, you will be able to learn about the periodic table, it’s elements, properties, the functionality of substances, atoms and much more. So yeah, you will never get bored of it! 

4. Basic knowledge of chemistry can help you read and understand product labels

5. As a chemist, you will be able to work in places such as laboratories, industries, offices and even some private companies

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Nowadays, Stellenbosch University offers for students all over South Africa the possibility to study a Master of Science in Chemistry. This is a 1 year length program, which consists of an independent research project

Stellenbosch’s Department of Chemistry and Polymer Science is one of the pre-eminent research departments in Chemistry in South Africa and is engaged in a wide range of research areas. The department hosts three Research Chairs and has the largest research effort in Polymer Science in the country.

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