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Thursday, 07 May 2020

If you are interested in advancing your career but you can’t find the time to go back to university, Stellenbosch offers you a once in a lifetime opportunity: you can study this Master’s degree in Public and Development Management completely online through distance learning. This online master’s degree is a top programme that will provide you with a solid understanding of the field of Public and Development Management.

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Development management is the term that has been coined to include the range of activities and interactions that together transform the 'control of development and the use of land' into a more positive and proactive process that: fits better with the ethos of spatial planning and better supports local authorities in their role as place shapers.

Development management policies form part of a local authority’s plan. They are a suite of detailed policies intended to ensure that the vision and objectives set out in the local plan are achieved and help determine which developments should be granted planning permission where site-specific provisions have not been set out in the local plan.

Public and Development Management is a rigorous academic programme aimed at providing students with the advanced conceptual and analytical abilities they need to become effective public policy-makers and senior public administrators and development practitioners.

Candidates will require a foundational knowledge of public and development management. This includes a solid grounding in the theory and practice of governance, policy formation, and the management of large organisations, including public bureaucracies.

If you study this online master’s degree offered by the Stellenbosch University through distance learning, you will develop advanced abilities that will come in handy when performing your job or even when competing for a job. This distance learning master’s degree will provide you with the necessary skills to succeed in the field.

What does this distance learning master’s degree offered by Stellenbosch University entail?

The Public and Development Management online programme at the Stellenbosch University is presented by means of modular as well as interactive telematic education. Modular presentation comprises attending blocked contact sessions of 1-2 weeks of lectures at the campus. 

Presentation by means of interactive telematic education requires students to gather for lectures at least ten times per semester for a whole day at an electronic study centre near their places of residence. The distance learning programme lectures are presented on television from a studio at Stellenbosch University and transmitted by satellite to the different study centres in Southern Africa. During the transmission, students can interact telephonically with the lecturer. During the remaining time, the students do assignments and study at home.

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