What is Bioinformatics Used for?

Thursday, 10 March 2022

Have you ever heard something about Bioinformatics? If you haven’t, don’t worry! In the following article, we will tell you what bioinformatics is used for and why it is so important nowadays.

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Are you thinking about starting a master's degree? Well, in that case, we have the perfect option for you: bioinformatics. Have you ever heard about it? This field was created in the 60s as a subdiscipline of both biology and computer science, which uses technology for a great amount of applications. This includes determining gene and protein functions, establishing evolutionary relationships and predicting the shapes of proteins.

Nowadays, thanks to many advances in the technological field, biology has the unique opportunity to develop a brand new type of knowledge. This way, scientists are able to determine certain hypotheses that they couldn’t solve before and make some new kinds of discoveries. Something that it wouldn't been possible if it wasn’t because of the application of technology. 

Just think of it: how many new discoveries were made thanks to computer science and technological tools from the present? A lot. That is why it is such an important field in modern times and why it is used by so many laboratories around the world. In fact, there isn’t even a lab focused exclusively on biology where bioinformatics aren’t relevant. 

Knowing this, now you might be wondering what bioinformatics is used for and what is its purpose. Want to know? Check it out!

What is bioinformatics used for?

Nowadays, as we said before, bioinformatics is used for the analysis of sequences of biological molecules. This usually refers to DNA, RNA or different types of proteins. This way, you can think of bioinformatics as the linguistic part of genetics, since this field focuses exclusively on looking for patterns in sequences of DNA and proteins. Something similar to linguistics where professionals also look for patterns, but in language.

It’s also important to know that bioinformatics are considered essential for management of data in modern biology and medicine. This way, we can understand this science as an interaction of many disciplines that, combined, originated the foundations of bioinformatics the way we know them. These disciplines are: as we told you earlier, biology, computer science and medicine, and we can also add the presence of math and physics

The career prospects for bioinformatics include suitable positions in hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, data science companies and many other health institutions

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