What is the study of botany?

Thursday, 17 February 2022

Are you interested in botany? Then this might be the perfect article for you! Here, we will tell you what is the study of botany and what jobs can this career offer you.

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When we talk about Biology, one of its principal branches is Botany. This science deals with the study of all types of plants, including their structure and different properties. For example: a botanist can carry out an investigation focused on the biochemical process of water plants. Professionals who spend their time studying botany are considered specialists in this subject and receive a very good preparation during their university studies. 

Is it considered a good career? Of course it is! In fact, botany is a good job option for those who have an interest in plant life and have biology as their default subject. After completing a master’s degree program, graduates have the opportunity to make their career in several positions, such as: conservationist, ecologist, plant explorer, horticulturist, plan biochemist and many other more. 

Would you like to learn more about botany? Don’t worry! Here, we will tell you everything you need to know about the study of botany. 

What is the study of botany?

A botanist can study from tiny microorganisms to giant trees. The possibilities are unlimited! Although, nowadays, most of these professionals focus their research on what we call “molecular levels” and genetic engineering, both macro and micro levels are important. 

Starting a master’s degree in botany is always a good option to improve your professional profile. This can help you gain access to a wide range of job opportunities, which includes some of the several options we mentioned before. 

There is a list of approximately 30 branches of Botany. Some of them, considered even more important than others. Just to mention some, we can talk about the so-called ethnobotany (connection between plans and human culture), forensic botany or economic botany. Nevertheless, there is a huge amount of branches that come off from this science. 

Some people often confuse botany with zoology. But the truth is that these are two very different sciences. While botany focuses on the study of plants, zoology consists of the study of the animal kingdom. Just as simple as that! You can choose one career or the other depending on your principal interests. 

Botanists can usually be employed by universities, industrial manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, laboratories, etcetera. As we said before: you won't have to worry about the range of opportunities, since this one is huge. 

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